Woobot Audience Intelligence A(ii)

The Struggle Is Real

We’ve all been there … those important notifications signaling movement on a big deal, that white hot service ticket that needs resolution, or the last minute approval that needs to get in before the quarter ends. Information overload and the fear of missing an important message can lead to an unsettling form of low-grade anxiety for many.

We’re bringing the ability to schedule notifications to find the right people when they’re most likely to engage.

As a Woobot administrator you serve many masters – the kind that exhibit all the behaviors and fears above. When everything is real time, how do you bring order to the chaos by timing notifications to find the right people when they’re most likely to engage?

Woobot Audience Intelligence A(ii)

We’re here to help. Today we’re bringing the ability to schedule notifications to find the right people when they’re most likely to view them.

We call it Woobot Audience Intelligence A(ii), and it’s gonna be awesome.

Let’s look at a sample sales use case where your top of the funnel activity needs to stay sharp and timely for all those involved.

Leads Rule The Pipeline

Leads are where the magic begins, but there’s no magic if your team lags on the follow-up. So let’s look at how we can align the team to stay responsive with Woobot Smart Notifications powered by Audience Intelligence A(ii).

Here we have a great configuration in the Woobot Brain so that new Leads will find your team when they land in the Salesforce Lead queue.

Crafting your message so it’s timely, relevant, and fun with Emoji’s is easy with the Woobot Brain. You can also insert dynamic fields so you critical Lead details appear directly in the notification. We’ll also @mention the Owner to cut through the noise.

We’ll also give you a real time preview of exactly how the notification will look in your favorite collaboration environment!

Now it’s time to Kick it up a notch! You need to make sure these leads get the attention they deserve, every 24 hours.

With Woobot Audience Intelligence A(ii) we enable time based notifications to remind record owners that action needs to be taken based on your business process and sales governance rules.

In this case, a Woobot Smart Notification will fire on any Leads that haven’t had any activity in the last day. What are those inside Sales Reps doing? Let’s get going!

Woobot will also repeat this notification every day to the channel until some outreach is completed. Let’s go people!

When Is The Best Time To Send This Notification?

When will the team be online, ready to drive action on these Leads? With Woobot Audience Intelligence A(ii), we’ll suggest the best time (based on time zone) to do drive action.

You’ll see a histogram that will give you an indication of the time (in your time zone) that is the best recommended send time for your Woobot Smart Notification. By clicking on one of the bars (we suggest the tallest bar) Woobot will populate the recommended time for you to send. If you’d like to select another time (we’re cool with that), you can do so directly from the histogram.

We Support Your Entire CRM Footprint

Leads are only the beginning. Woobot works with all your core CRM objects and custom objects.

From Marketing to Service, and all things in between, Woobot brings your data to where the conversations are happening, so your teams can get work done and drive decision making where they already spend their day!

Bringing It All Together

How your teams work is fundamentally changing, and it’s happening crazy fast – which is why rolling out solutions with a plan is critical to unlocking the value of collaboration across the business and beyond.

You can’t just turns things on and hope for the best.

You have to foster it from within, and support it with technology in the right context. It’s a nuanced topic that puts user experience and the integration front and center – so keep it simple at first, and layer in additional capability over time.

What’s Next?

It’s pretty simple.

We want to make working with enterprise data as easy as chatting in your favorite collaboration tool, because it just makes sense.

Support for the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud is super affordable, and you can always trial Woobot for free.

Brandon Oelling

Hey there! I'm Brandon Oelling, co-founder and CEO of Woobot.io. Our remote teams were awash in a sea of source systems, logins, and web forms to do simple things like responding to important changes in our business and collaborating with one another. We envisioned a world where our enterprise data lived in perfect harmony within our collaboration platforms. Turns out we weren't alone, so we built Woobot.io to fix that.