close more
deals with
sales cloud

Integrate Salesforce with Teams and Slack

Align demand gen and sales with the whole company.

Close more deals and make customers happy

Bring your Sales Cloud data to where the action is

Work leads, automate your pipeline, and drive sales productivity by turning selling into a team sport where conversations combine with real-time enterprise data to become the new competitive advantage!


Avoid surprises and drive accountability.


  • Claim Salesforce Sales Cloud leads faster in Slack or Microsoft Teams with notifications and @mentions that can be intelligently routed to the right people at the right time for follow-up.
  • Coordinate your Salesforce Sales Cloud playbook end-to-end and get notified when deals get stuck or the forecast is impacted so your teams can respond quickly.
  • Celebrate wins and important customer moments so the whole team can participate.


Keep everyone in the know and in the flow.


  • Search, share, and update customer details and run your Salesforce Sales Cloud playbook from within Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Take corrective action on stuck, pushed or overdue deals in real-time.
  • Coordinate fast moving deal cycles and team hand-offs so collaboration across the organization happens where everyone already works.


Analyze and prioritize with precision.


  • Track your entire sales forecast, pipeline and quota attainment in real-time.
  • Bring leadership into the conversation as things progress so everyone stays aligned during critical deal stages.
  • Access and collaborate around all your mission critical Salesforce Sales Cloud reports – complete with all the summary and row information your teams have spent so much time building in Salesforce.