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The Flow

With Woobot

Integrate Salesforce with Teams and Slack

Drive engagement in real time where everybody already works.

Woobot integrates Salesforce with Microsoft Teams and Slack

To create meaningful interactions

People at their peak are 2-5x more productive than they are on average. Yet, interruptions and app switching waste 40-60% of the typical worker's time. Let teams riff with relevant, real time data in their collaboration tool of choice and watch productivity soar.

The Woobot Platform

Keep current without limits.

The Woobot platform lets you find, view, update and create records in Salesforce and other enterprise systems directly within your collaboration platforms. Now, any fields you can edit in Salesforce–including custom objects–you can now edit in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Data stays fresh; people stay focused.

The Brain

More workflows. Less hassle.

Orchestrate sophisticated integrations without code using The Brain, Woobot’s powerful set of self-service workflow management tools.

Control and flexibility in one platform.


Put your data to work where it can do the most good.

Bridge the gap between the important conversations that need to happen and the data required to drive those conversations.

Deliver the right info at the right time when your team needs it most.