Lights, Camera, Slack Actions

Creating While Collaborating Just Got Awesome

With the release of Woobot Actions for Slack, teams can now create Salesforce Tasks and Cases from important conversations directly in context so they can get work done!

For existing customers who want to enable this feature – simply upgrade your Woobot for Salesforce AppExchange package and get down to business!

Don’t have Woobot yet? Start your journey with us today

Case Actions for Salesforce

Capturing important conversations that need immediate action just got easier now that cases can be created from any channel in Slack – so your teams can record actions that need to be taken and in turn respond to important changes in the business.

And it doesn’t stop there. Teams can now bring important service intelligence right into Slack so their critical case workflows, team hand-offs, and collaboration across the organization happens where they work!

Task Actions for Salesforce

Creating tasks has always been a challenge – especially when your teams are struggling to maintain their flow.

Not anymore.

We’ll also bring forward important functions like assigning those tasks and setting due dates so they can get back to work without skipping a beat.

What’s Next?

It’s pretty simple.

We want to make working with enterprise data as easy as chatting in Slack.

Because it just makes sense.

Now it’s your turn to experience the magic.

Can we help you unlock this potential in your organization by integrating Salesforce and Slack? Drop us a line to start your free trial today and let’s do this.

Brandon Oelling

Hey there! I'm Brandon Oelling, co-founder and CEO of Our remote teams were awash in a sea of source systems, logins, and web forms to do simple things like responding to important changes in our business and collaborating with one another. We envisioned a world where our enterprise data lived in perfect harmony within our collaboration platforms. Turns out we weren't alone, so we built to fix that.