Cases For Everyone In Slack and Microsoft Teams!

Because Everyone Deserves Cases

We love Cases. So much so, that today we’re announcing support for the Salesforce Service Cloud in Slack and Microsoft Teams.

And to takes things even further, these capabilities are available as a fully supported native object within the Woobot platform.

When time is of the essence, and those SLA clocks are ticking, every minute saved allows your teams to get back to being productive.

We’ll be highlighting some of the core features in this post, but for a complete review on how Woobot can drive value in your organization drop us a line to schedule a demo with our team.

Smart Menus

Accessing your case intelligence in context is easy, and we’ll make available your CRM objects as well so you can navigate your customer records end-to-end.

Want to know what’s also really cool about Smart Menus? Woobot supports your custom objects, which can be added for some extra awesomeness.

Smart Menus in Microsoft Teams

Smart Menus in Slack

Smart Notifications

Getting notifications every time a field is updated is so annoying. Woobot brings intelligence to the table so you can configure Smart Notifications to the way your teams work.

Smart Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Smart Notifications in Slack

Smart Cards

A notification is great, but what if you want to know more? Smart Cards get you the information you need, and let you take action on what you see, right from Microsoft Teams or Slack, so you never miss a beat. Awwwww yeah!

Woobot provides a Smart Card for each of the key Salesforce objects your team uses. You can configure each card to show the fields you need in the order you want. These fields can be made editable, and will honor all the Salesforce security Profiles you spent so much time configuring!

Smart Cards in Microsoft Teams

Smart Cards in Slack

Smart Dialogs

Updating records must be a seamless experience, driven completely in context so case agents and support staff can get their work done, and support any hand-offs internally so issues get triaged and resolved quickly. With Smart Dialogs we’ll deliver all of that, including the ability to share records within any channel so everyone stays in the know!

Smart Dialogs in Microsoft Teams

Smart Dialogs in Slack

The Brain

Orchestrate sophisticated integrations without code using The Brain, Woobot’s powerful set of self-service workflow management tools.

Creating and configuring Smart Notifications is as easy as typing your message, @mentioning your dynamic fields, and dropping in some tasty emoji’s to give them some personality. Couple this with the ability to drive complex logic and you can tune notifications to be relevant and timely as they @mention the important team members and critical CRM records required to make sure all cases get the attention they deserve.

Configuring Smart Notifications for a New Inbound Case

For Smart Cards and Dialogs, we’ll make available all the critical case fields you want to display in Slack or Microsoft Teams. Simply drag-and-drop them to set their order, configure which fields are editable, and Woobot does the rest by providing all the visual components to respond, share, and update important records purely in context. Boom!

Configuring Smart Cards and Dialogs for Cases

Bringing It All Together

Service Operations doesn’t have any time to waste. Internal and external conversations across your customer community need to be informed by the data driving the decision making.

Organizations need to move beyond simply connecting their enterprise clouds together and calling it a day. This data also needs to meet employees where they work, which requires that messaging apps and enterprise workflows be integrated around the way employees organize their work, rather than the way the organization dictates. When time is of the essence, and those SLA clocks are ticking, every minute saved allows your teams to get back to being productive.

The power of the Microsoft Teams and Slack platforms, coupled with Woobot’s deep Salesforce integration, now allows enterprises to harness this new competitive edge – supported by a unique blend of customer service data and workflow that seamlessly threads itself within the conversation!

What’s Next?

It’s pretty simple.

We want to make working with enterprise data as easy as chatting with your team, because it just makes sense.

Now it’s your turn to experience the magic!

Brandon Oelling

Hey there! I'm Brandon Oelling, co-founder and CEO of Our remote teams were awash in a sea of source systems, logins, and web forms to do simple things like responding to important changes in our business and collaborating with one another. We envisioned a world where our enterprise data lived in perfect harmony within our collaboration platforms. Turns out we weren't alone, so we built to fix that.