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Going Beyond The Sale With Woobot

While Sales usually gets all the glory, there’s an unsung team of heroes behind the scenes and across the business that are making sure the customer is successful after the sale and beyond. By tying them all together with their important Salesforce data where they already work, Topcoder was able to better focus on driving the important conversations happening in Slack.

As we migrate these processes out of spreadsheets and into Salesforce, our teams are also thinking  about how they’ll need to collaborate around this data in Slack with Woobot!

We spoke with Joey Poarch, Topcoder’s VP of Platform Services, to see how Woobot has influenced and improved Topcoder’s operations across the business.

Can you describe some of the pain points Topcoder was experiencing before using Woobot?

JP: We had recently transitioned off of our parent company’s Salesforce instance, and had setup our own. We were  heavy users of Slack as it had been adopted across the whole organization: sales, support, product development, consulting – basically everywhere! Because of this, Woobot started to make a lot of sense to deploy as a way to tie everyone (and everything) together.

Previously when we attempted to collaborate around our customer data in Slack, we often didn’t have all the information at the ready (especially on a mobile device). Someone might share the link to the an Opportunity – and even if they did share the link, we still had to shift to Salesforce from Slack to view the data, which was always challenging on a mobile device. We quickly realized that accessing our important Salesforce data to make it actionable in Slack became a big challenge we needed to solve with Woobot.

That’s awesome. It sounds like you were getting real context out of your data?

JP:  Absolutely! For example, if a client has multiple Opportunities, we can validate that we’re actually talking about the right deal by pulling the data in real-time from Salesforce with Woobot Search. This allows us to streamline these processes while keeping everyone aligned as things change over time.

Productivity has also increased now that our email usage has dropped significantly. Now our one-on-one or group discussions happen directly in Slack, and are informed by our critical  Salesforce data with Woobot.

How has operations changed since adopting Woobot?

JP: For one of the thing, Woobot saves us a lot of time. We don’t have to click back into Salesforce anymore for simple things like viewing important record details directly in Slack.

By managing data access and control using the Woobot Brain, we now have an easy way to configure the solution to support our business without needing a developer every time we want something changed. This, combined with the ability for us to deploy across the business, is  allowing us to be more nimble in how we respond to changes, and in turn better aligns to how we work together in Slack.

Can you tell us about how you’re deploying Woobot further into the business?

JP: Woobot’s vision of being valuable to our business beyond the Sales context was key to our initial implementation.

We’re now deploying the solution to support our workflows for onboarding, billing, and revenue recognition. As we migrate these processes out of spreadsheets and into Salesforce, our teams are also thinking about how they’ll need to collaborate around this data in Slack with Woobot!

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