GoFormz: Getting More Out Of Salesforce With Woobot

Accuracy And Timeliness When It Matters Most

Sales teams rely on good forecasts coming out of Salesforce, but often the forecast review comes too late —  and without the detail to act. Woobot makes it actionable by connecting the important conversations happening in Slack with the Salesforce data required to get the work done.  

We’re now able to have conversations and react, and then see the impact of these decisions on an hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute basis.

This is especially important for a SaaS-based startup like GoFormz. Glenn Oclassen, Chief Customer Officer, explains how Woobot has improved the business and its ability to respond to important customer opportunities.

Can you tell us what some of the pain in your business process was, and how did Woobot help?

GO: When all our account managers are doing their forecast well, we see changes in the forecast, but we wouldn’t know why or what caused that change until you drilled in. And we all know Salesforce is a great tool, but at the same time Salesforce doesn’t give you great visibility into a forecast change (or delta). For us, the biggest impact from Woobot has been gaining the ability to look at the forecast with my CEO, or anyone on the board, and not only say the forecast went from here to there, up or down — but what caused it, when it happened, and what the reason is.

It sounds like you had a blind spot in the data, and you now have a richness in the data you didn’t have before?

GO: Yes. It was the “why” stuff.  Why did the forecast change? Now I better understand it. Maybe I had something in commit, then it moved out of commit but it didn’t move to best-case. Maybe it moved because the date changed. It’s still committed, but the project slipped by two weeks. That’s all good information. That instant information is the biggest thing that we see from Woobot. We also see it becoming a way in which we celebrate. The entire company is looking at this thing. They’re following along, celebrating, commenting, and talking about it.

You mentioned your CEO and your board. Can you tell us how Woobot affects executive decision making?

GO: Context is everything in this business, especially when you’re dealing with volatility, and when you’re raising money. When you’re talking to the board, you can say “things are moving up and to the right.” But it’s not the old-school enterprise game of all big numbers that went up, or the big numbers went down. There’s a lot of little bits of change in there. And not only do I need to explain that to my CEO, but then we need to be able to report on that, report on the “why”, and report on what we’re seeing.

How is Woobot building efficiencies at Goformz?

GO: As a sales leader, Woobot allows me to not have to go in and dig around inside Salesforce to see what’s going on. It allows me have instant conversations. We’re a remote workforce. We’re now able to have conversations and react, and then see the impact of these decisions on an hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute basis.

It sounds like the old way of managing the forecast was through the weekly team cadence call, where the team would look at a deal at that moment. It sounds like in this new world you have all the deals at your fingertips at any time.

GO: Absolutely. We have a lot of customers that have multiple accounts. One of our customers is huge — we’re working with them at ten different places across the planet. Being able think about how it relates to our overall account relationship is a game changer.

My account management team spends more time in the forecast channel on Slack than in Salesforce. They’re getting the value from Salesforce data, but in a way that’s a lot more consumable and actionable at the micro-level.

Can you give us an example of this actionable data?

GO: We had a large customer start to show a lot of activity. I sat down with one of my leading account managers and said, “I’m starting to see a pattern here.” – a pattern that I would have never seen had I just looked at a bunch of individual accounts. Seeing this pattern let me expand our business with a universal deal.

It sounds like you are unlocking these inefficiencies, and developing more data-driven account strategies.

GO: Yes. I don’t think it’s all the way to Account Based Marketing, but it’s really good Account Based Planning in the sense that we’re starting to see patterns that make account-based planning a deductive rather than inductive exercise, or even opportunistic in some cases.

Has there been any additional growth you can talk about?

GO: Woobot has helped us do two things that are really important. One is shortening sales cycles on expansion, because landing is still a longer process. But even with expansion, if we can bite off a couple of days, that’s good. This has also helped us respond to customer needs more effectively, which in turn has helped us drive and close larger deals.

Woobot has been the difference for us. Yes, you make Salesforce better. Yes, you make Slack better. But you actually make us better because you take the power of both of those things and give us the ability to go faster, to do more, to get more, and to be more powerful and more efficient. And that matters most to us – bigtime.

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