1. 10 Ways To Do Work In Slack

    Map Your Workflows To The Way You Work We’ve brought together custom workflows, powerful integration’s, and a full set of commands you can use to map to your business workflows to Slack. Think about your workflows and how other API driven systems can be connected with Woobot to allow your teams to collaborate with their →

  2. Threaded Notifications Rock!

    Chatter Never Did This Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Woobot Threaded Notifications for Slack! Teams can now bring important intelligence right into Slack so their critical sales workflows, team hand-offs, and collaboration with Sales Leadership can happen where they work in Slack. In the example below, we’re tracking a fast moving deal →

  3. Let’s Talk About Unfurls In Slack

    First Off, They Rock Drop a link in Slack … and BAM … you get some tasty details on what it’s all about. We took link unfurls a step further. Now your Salesforce data works where you work in Slack! When you drop a Salesforce link in Slack, you should be able to see realtime Salesforce →

  4. Woobot Live Cards for Slack Are Here!

    Mixing Content With Conversation Today we’re launching Woobot Live Cards! By simply pinning a card from Woobot to a Slack channel, he’ll keep that card updated dynamically so your team always has the most up to date data! In this case, I’m advancing an Opportunity to Close with Alan Parson’s Project, and I want to →

  5. /woobot recent Is Da’ Bomb

    Staying Focused Is Hard Certain things have our attention all day long, whether it’s an important prospect, customer, or team action item. We’re here to help. Today we’re showcasing some awesome commands, where getting work done in Slack quickly and with a little bit of attitude is totally okay. In this case, I have an Opportunity I →

  6. A New Release For A New Future

    Can Work Be Fun Again? Yes it can. With the latest release of, anyone can power their teams in Slack with important enterprise data in a way that feels like it was meant to be there. This is just the beginning of a broader narrative that unfolds as you engage with your data using Woobot. We’ve brought →