1. Service Operations At The Speed Of Business

    Personalized For Your Support Teams Driving your service and support workflows in Slack with your important customer data is easier than ever now that Woobot supports all Salesforce clouds – including Einstein powered intelligent workflows. Teams can now bring important service intelligence right into Slack so their critical case workflows, team hand-offs, and collaboration across the organization happens where →

  2. Customer Feedback In Slack

    Customer Feedback Matters Big Time While everyone is obsessed about it (as they should be), what really matters is how close to leadership that feedback lands. At, we wanted customer feedback to land on everyone’s lap, not just leaderships. Since all our customers are in Slack using Woobot, we wanted to make it easy →

  3. Driving CRM Workflow With Woobot Dialogs

    Get Ready! Today we’re pleased to announce the latest release of Woobot, which now brings full support for dialog input within Slack! In our never ending effort to make doing work easy, we have streamlined (translation: less clicks and thinking) how teams access and work with their mission critical enterprise data and workflows in Slack →.

  4. How To Win More Business With Slack

    Huge Thanks To Slack For showcasing! – and for sharing our vision of what working in Slack to get things done should look like! … make it simple for you to generate reports directly from Slack where you can share and discuss the data with your team. Just like Slack, these apps work on →

  5. 10 Ways To Do Work In Slack

    Map Your Workflows To The Way You Work We’ve brought together custom workflows, powerful integration’s, and a full set of commands you can use to map to your business workflows to Slack. Think about your workflows and how other API driven systems can be connected with Woobot to allow your teams to collaborate with their →

  6. Threaded Notifications Rock!

    Chatter Never Did This Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Woobot Threaded Notifications for Slack! Teams can now bring important intelligence right into Slack so their critical sales workflows, team hand-offs, and collaboration with Sales Leadership can happen where they work in Slack. In the example below, we’re tracking a fast moving deal →