10 Ways To Do Work In Slack

Map Your Workflows To The Way You Work

We’ve brought together custom workflows, powerful integration’s, and a full set of commands you can use to map to your business workflows to Slack.

Think about your workflows and how other API driven systems can be connected with Woobot to allow your teams to collaborate with their data in context, fully managed by your data security policies.

In this case, we orchestrated Salesforce, an Order Entry, and a Subscription Management system to view, edit, and provision customers with a single button in Slack based on a contact record in Salesforce.

Teams can now bring important intelligence right into Slack so their critical sales workflows, team hand-offs, and collaboration with Sales Leadership can happen where they work.

The possibilities to integrate your business onto the Woobot platform start with your free trial, so let’s do this.

Brandon Oelling

Hey there! I'm Brandon Oelling, the founder of Woobot.io. Our team was awash in a sea of source systems, logins, and web forms to do simple things like responding to important changes in our business and collaborating with one another. We envisioned a world where our enterprise data lived in perfect harmony within our collaboration platforms. Turns out we weren't alone, so we built Woobot.io to fix that.