+SLACK brings important intelligence to your conversations in Slack so your teams can access the right enterprise data at the right time where they already work.

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  • Integrate and manage your Salesforce pipeline activities in real-time from any channel in Slack

  • Important notifications and deal conversations will meet your team where they are in Slack, so they can stay focused.

  • Keep your sales cycles moving forward from any device, anytime, anywhere your team has Slack installed.


They're in Slack, and so is their important Salesforce Data.

  1. Sell

    Drive your Salesforce prospect and pipeline opportunities, with full access to your key Salesforce reports within Slack.

  2. Command

    View and act on new Leads, and nurture important Opportunity updates to close in any Slack channel.

  3. Collaborate

    @mention, comment, share, and collaborate with Sales Management on key deal activity.


He meets your Sales Team where they are in Slack so they can quickly move their deals forward.

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They can watch deals moving forward, in real-time.

  1. View

    Watch your teams Salesforce pipeline come to life in Slack with important notifications and alerts that will come find you during critical deal stages.

  2. Respond

    @mention, comment, share, and collaborate on the key deal activity that’s important to you and your team in real-time.

  3. Delegate

    Communicate with and dispatch sales support resources to any Slack channel as deals progress to ensure you and your team have the support they need at every stage of an Opportunity.

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