Your Workflow + Your Data

Woobot connects your teams with their important enterprise data so they can get things done.

Customers Love Woobot

They can now work with their enterprise data in Slack.

  • Woobot brings intelligence to our forecasting process in a way that gives my team and I a more accurate picture into what’s happening in our pipeline.

    Rob Brewster - CEO
  • What sets Woobot apart is how it creates broad awareness of deal movement coupled with the ability for anyone to instantly engage with the team on the frontlines to drive our business all within Slack!

    Noah Logan - SVP of Sales
  • Staying up to date on important deal cycles is hard enough - especially with a remote team. Woobot ties us all together with our mission critical enterprise data so we can stay productive and make better decisions.

    Joey Poarch - Head of Product

Sales Loves Woobot

Their workflows are in Slack, and now, so is their pipeline.

  • Sell

    Drive your Salesforce prospect and pipeline opportunities with full access to your key Salesforce reports within Slack.

  • Command

    View and act on new leads, forecast with precision, and nurture important opportunities from creation to close in any Slack channel.

  • Collaborate

    @mention, comment and collaborate with sales leadership on key deal activity.

Ecommerce Loves Woobot

Leadership and Operations can now respond to orders in realtime.

  • Track

    Smart Notifications on new orders, inventory updates, status changes, and all things in between.

  • Manage

    Pull order details, update order notes, and retrieve inventory information from any Slack-enabled device.

  • Communicate

    @mention, comment, share, collaborate, and search your entire notification and order archives directly within Slack.

Publishing Loves Woobot

They can now align their content workflow, with the actual content.

  • Make

    Create, view, and approve pages, posts and comments.

  • Align

    Align the entire team around the when, where, and what of all your outbound content.

  • Publish

    Get realtime insights into your publishing pipeline across the organization.

Platforms Love Woobot

Connect your enterprise platforms with Slack so your teams can stay productive.

  • Connect

    Plug your data into your favorite Slack Team with a few clicks.

  • Tune

    Smart notifications will come find your teams in Slack when it matters most.

  • Respond

    Drive your team workflows with interactive buttons and dialogs so they can respond to the business in realtime.

It’s time to bring your enterprise data into the conversation.